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In the UK I'm known as David Clarke. In the Internet I'm also using my pseudonym Camilo Zeta which is the keepsake from my life in Spain :-) I'm originally from Poland, but after leaving Poland in 2005 I used to live in Spain, in the Canary Islands. Just for a few years. Precisely on the Gran Canaria island, in Las Palmas city. It had been my dream to live in Canary Islands, and now I can finally say that I realized that dream. A few years ago I moved to the United Kingdom and now I live in Birmingham.

I've been learning English for about... twenty years, but actually I cannot say that I was learning it all that time. I had rather casual and irregular contact with English. Reading some stuff, listening to some podcasts etc. I would say that when I came to the UK my level of English was on A2 level. At least I was happy that I could communicate in English with no serious problems. Now, my English improved and I would say I'am somewhere around C1.

While living in Spain I also learned Spanish to level C1. In the last few years I also learned German, French and Italian, all of them to level B2. They are still working progress and I aim to learn them up to C1. Why have I learned all those languages? Because I can :) I like it and it gives me unlimited possibilities in speaking with people, reading books, watching TV etc. Particularly because I love to travel.

Professionally I am an IT specialist. My computing background consists of various different skills and operating systems such as Linux and Windows. In Poland I used to work as an administrator of Linux internet servers (e-mail, web etc.). In Spain I was maintaining a computer network that consisted of more than sixty computers in about twenty shops. That job involved hardware, software and networking. A bit of Linux and a lot of Windows. For many years I've been involved in computers and I think, I can call myself a computer geek :-)

If you want to contact me, do it!


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